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René Aebi - Knifemaker

My name is Rene, I am Swiss and a passionate knife maker, motorcyclist and an adventurer.

When I gave up my motorcycle racing career in Switzerland in the year 2000 I decided to travel Africa from North to south on my motorbike. Once arrived in Namibia I felt in love with this beautiful country ...and I stayed.

I travelled Namibia extensively before I settled down in the south, where my partner and I leased a tourist Camp. We had to build it up and there was a lot to maintain and to repair for me.

In 2005 most of the work was done and I was looking for a new challenge. As a trained mechanic I am good at metalworking, so I taught myself how to make knives.

Since 2018 I am a knife maker on a full time basis making high quality hand made knives in all different shapes and sizes. My knives are sold to customers from all over the world.

On my Gallery you find a small selection of my work which content Bowie Knives, Hunting Knives, Damascus Knives, Collector Knives and Chef Knives. If a new collection is produced it will be shown on "Knives for Sale".

If you like a handmade knife from my collection you can order it via Email! Otherwise let me know what you are looking for. I'm happy to make your "taylor made" knife.

Enjoy browsing!

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